Work Study

The Work Study Program places students at corporate job sites one day a week through the school year. Corporate sponsors take on between 1 to 3 student-workers for a fee of $2800 per year, per student. The students gain work experience and earn money that helps reduce overall school costs; the corporations receive entry-level clerical workers at a competitive price.

Student Job Sharing

  • Students work standard daily business hours (approximately 8:30 am to 4:00 pm).
  • Academic schedules are structured so that students are available to work without missing school work.
  • Each student works four to five full days per month.

Student Outsourcing

  • Sponsoring companies contract with the Work-Study Program to fill part-time, entry level jobs in their offices.
  • Students are employees of the Work-Study Program, not the sponsoring companies.
  • The Work-Study Program handles all payroll, W-4, I-9, Workers’ Compensation, FICA and other employer issues for the students.
  • The program runs annually from approximately Labor Day through Memorial Day.

Student Education

  • Students assign their earnings to Cornerstone Academy to help reduce the tuition costs.
  • Students receive a quality education in a private school and they gain valuable job experience.

Benefits for Students

Students work one day a week for corporate sponsors, typically doing entry-level clerical work. Students gain the following from their work:

  • Job skills
  • Mentors in the workplace
  • Income to help reduce tuition costs

Benefits for Corporate Sponsors

  • Cornerstone Academy Work-Study Program is the employer of all its students, and is responsible for all taxes, workers’ compensation, and compliancy issues
  • Cornerstone Academy coaches the student on a weekly basis
  • Competitive pricing when compared to other part-time employees
  • Stabilization of high turn-over positions and reduce burn out
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: Cornerstone Academy Work-Study Program will replace the student worker if the corporate sponsor is dissatisfied
  • Enhancement of company’s diversity and support of urban education

Become a Cornerstone Academy Corporate Sponsor

When a corporation takes on a work-study student, here are a few of the benefits:

  • Students learn important work skills as they help pay for their own education.
  • Community corporations engage with the students of their city, helping train them to be capable future employees.
  • Businesses benefit by having the Cornerstone Academy Work-Study Program pay the employee benefits for the student-employees.

If you would like to become a corporate sponsor of Cornerstone Academy, or would like more information about our Work-Study Program, please contact us